What is a Past Life Regression?

A journey you undertake with the assistance of a skilled practitioner to some earlier point in time to visit memories of previous lifetimes you may have lived on this earth plane.

Why would you do a Past Life Regression?

A regression increases your understanding of this present lifetime. Each of our lives is a learning experience, and if we can gain the learning from past lifetimes, we can affect our current lifetime in positive ways.

Sometimes physical or emotional symptoms that occur in this lifetime have their roots in a previous lifetime and a visit to that lifetime can do much to alleviate the physical or emotional issues in this lifetime. Back ache that dogs a person in this lifetime may have its roots in a previous lifetime when they were speared in the back. There may even be a birthmark present to represent the exact place the spear entered the body!

Suppressed fears of using psychic abilities may stem from persecution in previous lives.

People from past life times can be recognised as people in this current lifetime. Greater understanding of that relationship can be gained.

In a previous lifetime you may have been the mother of the woman who is your mother in this lifetime. This may increase your understanding of your mother and your relationship with her in this lifetime. It may be why you (and not your siblings) seem to "mother" your mother the most, especially in her later years. That is your role in this lifetime, with influence from your past lifetime with her. It could also explain the strong negative feelings between a father and son who may have loved the same woman in a previous encounter! Or been opponents in an ancient battle!

Lack of abundance and the feeling of never being able to "get ahead" in this lifetime could be stem from previous lifetimes of poverty. A visit to that memory or memories can shed light on the issue and give the opportunity for it to be resolved currently. 

Unexplained fears may have their roots in a previous lifetime. Claustrophobia can be an indication of having been stuck in a tunnel underground or buried alive in a previous lifetime.

This lifetime can be used to heal negative feelings and actions of previous lifetimes.

The reason for doing Past Life Regressions may be as numerous as the past lives one may have had! 

Why a Past Life Regression Works 

"By reliving - and healing- ancient memories and associated emotions, your current life-limited behaviours will change." (Denise Linn) 

When you relive a past-life incident, the suppressed emotions and decisions that were held back for so long, finally have the opportunity to come to the surface and be released, so that they no longer influence you. Its most often the reactions to past events that can cause problems in this life, rather than the incidents themselves. 

If you look at the following scenarios: 

Two warriors were in battle side by side. One sees a spears coming directly for his friend, so he steps in front of his friend and dies himself by the spear in the chest, feeling good because he saved his friend's life. 


Two warriors were in battle side by side. Amid the dust and turmoil of the battle the one friend turns and thrusts his spear into the other friend's chest. He has been having an affair with the second friend's wife and wants him out of the way. The friend dies deciding that he can't trust anyone. In this lifetime whenever he gets close to anyone he feels stabbing pain in his chest, and betrayed by others. Both times he dies from a spear wound. 

It's the meaning given to the event that can cause trauma through time. 


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What it feels like to have a Past Life Regression.

In a deeply relaxed state your practitioner will talk you through the journey. You will be able to talk to the practitioner, responding to her questions, and sharing what scenes you visit. Afterwards you will be able to recall everything that happened on the journey. Together with your practitioner you can find ways to integrate that journey and the learning into your current life. 

Can Everyone be Regressed to a Past Life

About 85% of people can experience a journey to a past life.