I am Di Farrell -

Soul Coach,(certified by Denise Linn)

Past Life Regression Practitioner (certified)

Angel Practitioner(certified by Doreen Virtue)

and Psych-K®  facilitator, (Advanced Practitioner)

based in Sandton, Gauteng.


My work is a joy and it's my honour to help you open the door towards a life you love.

Workshops - watch this space for news of forthcoming workshops! 

Past Life Regressions - when Past Lives are visited they can highlight and clear influences from the Past that continue to affect your life today.    Certified as a Past Life Coach with Denise Linn.

House/Home Clearing - of negative energies. 

Home clearing (especially new homes) to clear the house of any negative influence of others. Infuse your space with the energy you desire. 

Chakra Clearing - to clear the energy centres of your body. Via a Soul Journey or guided meditation.

Soul Journeys - A Soul Journey (guided meditation) can take you to a place of deeper understanding of yourself and your life.  Certified by Denise Linn - 2009

 About Me

I love to help you move forward towards a life you love!    All I have studied and work with are there to help propel you to a brighter future for yourself.

In 2009 I was privileged to be at Summerhill Ranch, California being trained and certified by Denise Linn as a Soul Coach.

Denise Lin is the founder of The International Institute of Soul Coaching®, author of some 18 books, and is a renown international healer and speaker.    

The same year I trained as an Angel Practitioner with Doreen Virtue in the USA.   

Doreen Virtue (PhD) is a counselling psychologist and lifelong clairvoyant.   She is the author of many books on Angels, and an international speaker.    She also has produced numerous oracle card decks.  

I completed the Advanced Psych-K® facilitator program in 2012 with Victoria Slakey.  

Psych-K® was founded by Robert Williams in 1988.  Rob is a psychotherapist, who, through a series of intuitive insights, formed the international body of work called Psych-K®.   He wrote "The Missing Peace In Your Life" among other works.